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A general business partnership agreement is a written contract for the purpose of forming a business between two or more people in California.

Whether you are forming a new business partnership, adding a new partner, buying out the interest of another partner, or dissolving a partnership, our comprehensive California partnership contracts will cover your needs.

We offer the following business partnership agreements:

1) Regular Partnership Agreement – Our regular partnership agreement is ideal for those looking for a basic general partnership agreement. This popular, easy-to-use contract will enable you and your partners to successfully form a general business partnership. You’ll also receive attorney-drafted, step-by-step instructions to help you fill out this agreement.

2) Long Partnership Agreement – Our 11-page, attorney-drafted agreement provides greater detail for those needing a more comprehensive contract. Individuals, businesses, CPA’s, and attorneys have used our long partnership agreement all across the United States and Canada as a foundation for many successful business partnerships. You’ll also receive written instructions from our attorney to help you fill out this excellent partnership agreement.

3) Agreement to Add a New Partner – Need to add a new partner to your business? Use this form for adding a new partner into your partnership. This is a self-instructive form that will let you quickly and easily add a new partner into your business.

4) Agreement to Buy Out a Partner – Need to add a new partner to your business? This self-instructive agreement will let you quickly and easily add a new partner.

5) Partnership Dissolution Agreement – Should the time come to end a partnership, we offer you a partnership dissolution agreement that will let you quickly and easily dissolve your business partnership.

Some of the topics covered in our partnership agreements are:


  • Ownership interest
  • Loans by partners
  • Allocation of profits
  • Management
  • Duties of partners
  • Salaries and compensation
  • Borrowing money
  • Reimbursement
  • Competition
  • Authority
  • Power of attorney
  • Admission of new partners
  • Meetings
  • Termination and more.

How To Order

California Partnership Agreement

Regular Partnership Agreement – $27.00

Long Partnership Agreement – $35.00

Agreement to Add a New Partner- $19.95

Partnership Dissolution Agreement – $19.95

Agreement to Buy Out a Partner – $19.95

Partnership Package (all forms listed above) – $59.95


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