Download California attorney-drafted employee termination forms and instructions to help protect your business from lawsuits when terminating employees.

There are many ways you can expose your company to a lawsuit by wrongful termination. Half of all business owners have been sued. Good documentation is critical when terminating employees

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Many employers falsely believe that because an employee is an “at-will” employee, then there is little to worry about with wrongful termination.

However, an “at-will” employee status will not help if you violate employment laws. You may still have to contend with legal problems or a possible lawsuit.

California labor laws are the most complex in the country. 50% of business owners have been sued by a current or former employee.

Employee termination forms reduce your chances of a lawsuit

Terminating an employee is usually a hard decision. You should follow precise steps when terminating an employee to avoid allegations of wrongful termination and other legal problems. You should also document warnings given to the employee and steps taken toward termination to show that you acted fairly and appropriately.

There is no guarantee you will never be sued for wrongful termination by an employee. However, a reasonable objective would be to reduce the odds of that happening to as close to zero as possible.

You can do this by putting into place attorney-drafted employee termination forms and agreements, and by following attorney-recommended guidelines.

Our California Termination Package includes these documents:

  • Notice of Change in Employment Status (Required by Law)
  • Employee Termination Checklist for Employers
  • Severance Agreement (Employee Termination Agreement)
  • Employee Exit Interview Questions
  • Employee Authorization to Release Information
  • Attorney-Drafted Instructions for Terminating an Employee and Explaining Requirements to Comply With California Law

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