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A nonsolicitation agreement is used by California business owners who are trying to prevent employees from starting a competing company and enticing other employees and customers to do business with them.

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Noncompete agreements are illegal in California unless you are buying a business. A good alternative to protect your business and customers is a well-written nonsolicitation agreement and confidentiality agreement.

The cost of litigation is expensive and risky. No reasonable employer or employee wants to battle in court.

Protect your company’s customers and trade secrets, with our attorney drafted California nonsolicitation agreement. Keep your customers and trade secrets where they belong: with your company.

By signing this agreement, your employees agree not to solicit or persuade any of your customers, or other employees to engage in any business with them for a reasonable period of time after they leave your company.

A nonsolicitation agreement can be used when an employee starts their employment with you or in addition to a separation agreement when they end their employment with you.

Generally speaking, the courts will enforce these types of agreements if they can be shown to be reasonable and specific.

Therefore, it’s essential to have a specialized, focused, nonsolicitation agreement, that has been drafted by an experienced California attorney who practices employment law.

Our nonsolicitation agreement also comes with information and instructions from the California attorney who drafted it.

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