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More than 50% of California business owners reported in a recent survey that they had been sued at least once by an employee or former employee. Attorney-drafted documents to help protect your business and comply with federal and California law.

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If you own a business selling products or services, the odds are you will be sued in an employment lawsuit within 6 years.

What You Could Lose in an Employment Lawsuit

Your business could be at risk. What some business owners forget is that even if they win in a lawsuit, defending against an employment action in court might cost from 100,000 to 500,000 dollars.

Historically, judges and juries have not ruled in favor of businesses in employment lawsuits. Should you lose, the damages awarded against you could easily range from $300,000 to over a million dollars.

How to Protect Your Business

Without attorney-drafted documents and acknowledgment forms to discourage disgruntled employees and to present to the court, business owners don’t have much of a defense.

In the event of a lawsuit, your odds of a favorable outcome are greatly increased if you’ve used attorney-drafted documents and acknowledgment forms when running your business.

Attorney Drafted Documents to Protect Your Business

Drafted by a licensed California business and employment law attorney, these documents are the core tools you need to help protect your business from workplace disputes and lawsuits.

1. California Employee Handbook

Explains employee rights, benefits, expectations, policies, and general workplace conditions. This is a must-have California business protection tool.

Review the first 17-pages of the California employee handbook.

2. California New Hire Forms Package

• Employment application (English and Spanish)

• Offer of employment letter

• Credit and background check notice (required by law)

• Paid sick days poster (required by law)

• Wage theft protection act notice (required by law)

• Questions you should not ask applicants during interviews

• Employee arbitration agreement in English and Spanish (Employee agrees to settle disputes by arbitration rather than suing you in court)

3. California Employee Termination Package

• Notice of change in employment status (required by law)

• Employee termination checklist for employers

• Severance agreement (employee termination agreement)

• Employee exit interview questions

• Employee authorization to release information

• Attorney-drafted instructions for terminating an employee and explaining requirements to comply with California laws.

4. California Employee-Employer Confidentiality Agreement

Legally prohibits employees from disclosing important information about your business to others.

5. California Arbitration Agreement

Requires your employee to settle employment disputes with your company by arbitration rather than by filing a lawsuit against you. This arbitration agreement also references the employee handbook.

6. California Employee Nonsolicitation Agreement

Prohibits a current or former employee from soliciting your customers or employees.

7. California Independent Contractor Agreement

Protects your interests when contracting with an outside individual or company for work or services. Also satisfies IRS requirements.

8. California indemnity hold harmless agreement

Releases you or your company from liability against any future legal claims, liabilities, and lawsuits.

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