Business financial statements are necessary for those who are looking to obtain bank loans, enter into various business transactions, sell their business, and in making other business decisions.

The knowledge learned from business financial statements is not only important to the bank, financial institution, or other entity you are submitting them too, but they also are helpful to the business owner in discovering specific areas of their business that may need improving.

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There are 3 Main Parts to Business Financial Statements:

The profit and loss statement shows how well a company buys and sells inventory (or the services it provides) to make a profit. These profits can be measured by the month, quarter, a six-month period, or one year. Our exclusive profit and loss statement does all math calculations automatically; you simply enter the correct numbers. There are built in comments with instructions for each category that explains what number you should be inserting. (See sample below).

The balance sheet shows what resources were used to run the business and its financial situation at a specific point in time. This information can be used to satisfy creditors and help manage company inventory more efficiently. Our exclusive balance sheet does all math calculations automatically, you simply enter correct numbers. There are built in comments with instructions for each category that explains what number you should be inserting. (See sample below).

The cash flow statement provides important data about all cash flow into a company from both its day-to-day operations and outside investments; also, it shows all cash that flows out of the business that pays for any investments and business activities during a specific period of time. There are built in comments with instructions for each category that explains what number you should be inserting. (See sample below).

Below are just some of the areas that our business financial statements cover:

Balance Sheet

(Does all math calculations automatically) Balance Sheet Sample – Click Here

  • Current Assets
  • Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Insurance Costs
  • Fixed Assets
  • Current Liabilities
  • Stocks, Investments
  • Goodwill, Patents etc.
  • Net Worth

Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement)
(Does all math calculations automatically) Profit and Loss Statement Sample – Click Here

  • Income from sales or service
  • Cost of sales
  • Cost of doing business
  • Operating profit or loss
  • And other sub-categories

Cash Flow Statement
Cash Flow Statement Sample – Click Here

  • Cash from operating activities
  • Cash flow from investing activities
  • Net cash provided by (used by) financing activities
  • And other sub-categories
  • May be customized for your specific business if needed

Financial Ratios
Financial ratios are formulas that are used to evaluate the financial condition of a company and are important for analyzing financial statements. They will also enable you to discover the strengths and weakness of a company. The numbers used for the financial ratios are taken from your business financial statements.

We include 12 different financial ratios that automatically calculate any numbers you insert. Below are some areas of a company that these ratios will measure for you:

  • Gross profit
  • Working capital
  • Accounts receivable
  • Assets to liabilities
  • Cost of sales to inventory
  • Debt to equity
  • Return on equity
  • Earnings before interest and taxes Depreciation and amortization

Should you need to; these financial statements can be emailed as attachments or easily transferred from computer to computer. Once purchased you can download these forms immediately and fill them out in the privacy of your home or office.

Professional business financial statements to satisfy a CPA, attorney and financial institutions, yet easy enough to use for the average business owner to use. We are the only company to offer these financial statements.

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Financial Statement Package

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