California Employment Application

California employment application

Download an attorney-reviewed employment application today and help protect your company from lawsuits based on asking discriminatory questions.

Employment laws have changed quickly during the last 10 years and have become considerably more complicated. Many questions are now off-limits to ask on employment applications.

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Employers need to think carefully about the questions they ask on an employment application. Many employers are finding out that applicants who have been turned down sometimes come back to file complaints or a lawsuit against them based on the questions that were asked on the employment application.

There are many potential problem questions on employment applications that employers should not ask or discuss. These questions include but are not limited to: race, religion, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, marital status, (arrest and conviction records - with some exceptions), and citizenship.

Employment experts agree that inquiries should be avoided that are designed to acquire information about race, ancestry, color, age, sex, religion, and disability.

Questions about a person's arrest and court records should not be asked unless they are based on essential occupational requirements or qualifications for the job position they are applying for.

It is no longer safe to use standard or outdated employment applications. Why take the chance?

We offer attorney-reviewed California employment applications in both English and Spanish. They come in an easy-to-use word format that most any computer can use and edit.

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